One System, Endless Opportunities

Getting started with HappyGift is easy. Watch the video below to see how HappyGift can work for your business.

More than JUST gift vouchers

We help you increase your market presence and create a stable and sustainable revenue stream that you can rely on.

No expenses for you without revenue in return, no downside, just growth. Why? Because we know what we’re doing, we know you will grow, and we’re willing to put your business before ours.

Our minimal admin fees are passed on to your customer so your only cost is for payment processing, watch the video for more insight.


Launch Setup

Click the “get started” button and we will take you to our setup page.

Tell us about your business

Follow the instructions and give us a few details about your business and products.

Brand your store

For a seamless customer experience add your branding to your voucher store.

Integrate Stripe

Just integrate HappyGift with Stripe and get paid in less than three business days.

Delight your customers

Thanks to marketing, revenue is coming in almost immediately. Your customers will love it.

Your Reliable Growth Engine

Fill your calendar with bookings

Our restaurant partners use HappyGift primarily to promote thoughtful giving. Customers purchase vouchers for custom dining experiences that they gift to friends and family. Ready to delight?


Supercharge your occupancy rates

Tailored campaigns through HappyGift help our hotel partners to fill their rooms in traditionally quiet periods of the year. Making it easy to eliminate vacancies and get beds filled. Hotel owners combine their campaigns with offers for the on-site restaurant. Two birds with one stone.


Happy hour reimagined

Bars love to give discounts away to draw crowds in during quiet times. We make it possible via location-based marketing that will capture the attention of potential patrons.


Steady booking that allow for new hires

Owners of beauty salons are often stuck in the day-to-day business and struggle to hire additional therapists. Thanks to HappyGift’s steady stream of sales and increase in margins, you can now step away and work on your business.


Create unforgettable experiences

Gift vouchers allow your customers to give thoughtful gifts that help friends and family rejuvenate. Your business could be one of those offering gift vouchers for loved ones.


Happy Customers, Happy You

If you become a qualied partner, we give you three months of top-performance marketing valued at $2,700 for free on top of $600 in advertising credit. We know it works, the system is foolproof and designed to deliver controlled growth. Check out if you qualify below or get started with HappyGift straight away.


Powerful Features For Your Business

HappyGift comes with many powerful features that turn it into an effective marketing tool. The possibilities are endless, and so are the growth opportunities for your business. All it takes is you hitting the button to get started. Let’s go.

Beautifully branded for a seamless experience

It all starts with a powerful e-commerce platform designed to allow you to sell your own gift vouchers for instant delivery via email or print. It works with all website providers, connect it to your website in just a minute.

Simple, fast and effective

Your team can redeem vouchers in just two simple steps, keeping your busy operation running smoothly and your customers delighted.

Knowledge is power

Powerful reports are at your fingertips, so you always know how your voucher business is doing. Sales, redemptions, unredeemed vouchers, it’s all there in just a click.

One simple, yet powerful interface

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind yet is an extraordinarily powerful sales and marketing tool in your hands.

As the world goes mobile, so do you

We designed our HappyGift platform to give you and your customers a great mobile experience on any device because it shouldn’t matter where your customers are when they decide to purchase.

There’s no room for error when it comes to payments

We use the industry-best Stripe payment processor to provide instant, secure credit card payments. Your money is in your bank account in just two days.

HappyGift is free. Our minimal sales admin fees are charged on to your customers, so we only make money when you do. It’s that simple. Why? Because we wanted to create a system that can get you an instant cashflow boost without a downside. Check out all features below and remember, no lengthy contracts, giving you full control.

Get inspired

Beautiful voucher stores that delight customers

With HappyGift, you brand your own store so it fits seamlessly into your existing website.

No matter if you own a restaurant, a day spa, a beauty salon, a hotel or any other reputable business that offers true experiences, HappyGift will look beautiful and work a treat.