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    Works with any website
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Effortless Growth For Your Business

Consumers have shifted to online shopping in recent years. This has driven the growth of the gift card industry and it won’t stop any time soon. Our HappyGift partners easily boost the spend per customer by 25%. All it takes is 5 minutes and you’re up and running. What are you waiting for?

Launch Setup

Easy as, just hit the button

Brand your store

For a seamless customer experience add your branding to your voucher store.

Show it to your customers 

For a seamless customer experience add your branding to your voucher store.

Integrate Stripe

Just integrate HappyGift with Stripe and get paid in less than three business days. 

Watch it grow

Thanks to marketing, revenue is coming in almost immediately. 

More sales, more customers, more revenue

It really is that easy. Set up your beautiful gift voucher store in 5 minutes and start selling immediately. No waiting and no complicated procedures. 

Works with any existing webiste

Regardless of your current website system, you simply add link to your voucher store. Provicing a smooth customer experience, which will boost conversions and minimise cart abandonments.

No subscription fees or lengthy contracts

Our minimal admin fees are passed on to your customer, so you only pay when you earn, and we don’t lock you into contracts either. We only ask you to give us at least three months to get your marketing going, because all good things take time.

Sustainable Growth Through Consistent Gift Voucher Revenue

We empower reputable hospitality and health & beauty businesses to be fully in control of their growth, without downside.


HappyGift Is more than just Gift Vouchers.

HappyGift allows you to not only capitalise on the growing digitalisation of your customers but also use it to fuel your growth and supercharge your profit margins. No expenses for you without revenue in return, no downside, just growth. Why? Because we know what we’re doing, we know you will grow, and we’re willing to put your business before ours.

The system’s capabilities grow as you grow

As your business grows, your priorities change, so we developed a suite of tailored add-ons.

These will help you reach business KPIs such as increasing customer loyalty and average spent per customer, monetising the busy seasons or turning your quietest day into your busiest.


Full oversight for growth-driven businesses

To be fully in control, you must know exactly where your business is at, and HappyGift will allow you to do just that.

For you to be able to identify areas for improvement, we developed a custom dashboard with powerful insights that give you the power to control your voucher revenue.


Have the freedom to change without compromising continuity

With growth comes change, for many businesses like yours, this means changing POS providers a few times.

Now you can, without any disruption to your gift voucher revenue. HappyGift operates independently.


Create loyalty program for your business

Enjoy the freedom that comes with the many business outcomes that drive branding, growth and expansion. 

Expand your reach, brand, market share and influence

Most customers buy gift vouchers for their loved ones, creating perfect referral opportunities from the people who already love you. By doing this, you not only increase your brand loyalty but also cultivate new customers, allowing you to strengthen your brand and increase sales.


The average value of one voucher sold through HappyGift is $203.*

internal data 2021


Customers who pay with a gift voucher, often spend up to 25% more than the value of the gift voucher.*

internal data 2021

Create a steady and reliable additional revenue stream

Reach new customers with gift and experience vouchers and give your existing customers an opportunity to increase their average spending.

Your vouchers sell even when your business is closed, making it a 24/7 growth engine.

Supercharge your margins through unredeemed vouchers

Thanks to expired unredeemed vouchers, your business generats retained net revenue, impacting your bottom line positively.

That’s money in the bank for your business.


The average remaining value of an expired voucher is $152.*

internal data 2021


The average annual increase of spend per customer with HappyGift is 25%.*

internal data 2021

Delight your customers so they come back over and over again

HappyGift increases customer loyalty.

Our marketing system facilitates for multiple touchpoints with your customers throughout the year, helping you build solid relationships and stay top of mind.

Are you still having questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How do I track gift voucher redemptions?
Happy Gift can help you track gift voucher redemptions in a centralized location. This will make it easy to see how many gift vouchers have been redeemed, the value of the redemptions, and the date and time of the redemptions. 
How does HappyGift prevent fraud with gift vouchers?
Happy Gift takes fraud prevention very seriously. We use a number of security measures to protect your gift vouchers, including:
2-factor authentication (2FA). Only will have access to your gift voucher system data.
Unique gift voucher codes. Each gift voucher code is unique, so it is difficult for fraudsters to steal gift voucher codes.
Redemption limits. Happy Gift has a height redemption control, so no one cannot be redeemed more than once.
How do I set up a gift voucher system?
For setting up your own gift voucher management system all you need is just put on the registration (2 minutes)
How do I sell gift vouchers?
Happy Gift allows you to create a custom-designed webpage for your website. We also provide our clients with a free marketing plan to help them increase revenue by selling vouchers.