We are HappyGift

How It All Began

HappyGift’s story begins with a team of tech-savvy developers who sadly watched their favourite restaurants, cafes and beauty businesses fall victim to COVID-19, as many Australians did.

Long-standing, reputable staples of local communities simply vanished in a blink of an eye. Those who made it through struggled to generate cash flow fast enough to kick-start their growth again. Being courageous and determined individuals, just like yourself, driven by a sense of responsibility and fueled by tech-savvy know-how, the team did what they do best: find tech-based, digital solutions to complex problems.

So, we set out to develop something that would allow business owners to generate sustainable revenue without downside, risk or large investment requirements. During many late nights and long days, we coded a state-of-the-art gift voucher platform that would give business owners all tools they need to grow. But we didn’t leave it there.

We wanted to take it one step further. We searched for the best digital marketing partner in the country and formed a partnership that guarantees the growth of your gift voucher revenue.

And so, HappyGift was born.

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Our Commitment To You

These three pillars guide everything we do, so you can be sure we always have your best interest at heart.

We are always in control

Yep, you heard that right. We wouldn’t take risks for you if we weren’t able to guarantee a positive outcome. We are always in control of our system and your marketing success, so you can be in control of your growth.

We do not give in

We are a dog with a bone, we do not give in. We know you can succeed and grow, and we will help you get there – relentlessly, with as much passion and drive as you have for your business!

We know our stuff

We are experts in tech and marketing and know what we are doing, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Powerful Features For Your Business

Powerful store platform

It all starts with a powerful e-commerce platform designed to allow you to sell your own gift vouchers for instant delivery via email or print. Connect it to your website in just a minute.

Effortless redemption

Your team can redeem vouchers in just two simple steps, keeping your busy operation running smoothly and your customers delighted.

Fast secure payments

We use the industry-best Stripe payment processor to provide instant, secure credit card payments. Your money is in your bank account in just 3 days.

Much more

HappyGift has a full suite of great features that are designed to enable you to grow via gift voucher revenue.